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The Mendoza Line

30 Year Low

The Mendoza Line - Aspect of an Old Maid (alt. take)

This is an outtake from the upcoming double CD 30 Year Low by The Mendoza Line.
Tim and Shannon's original vocal takes here. The album version features vocals from Will Sheff.

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Track Listings:

30 Year Low
Final Remarks Of The Legendary Malcontent

1) since i came (McArdle)

2) aspect of an old maid (Bracy)

3) 31 candles (McArdle)

4) i lost my taste (Bracy)

5) love on parole (Bracy)

6) stepping on my heels (McArdle)

7) thirty year low (Bracy)

8) tell it to the raven (Jimmy Silva)

1) Anything Goes (Cole Porter)
 2) It Helps To Leave The House (Bracy)
 3) Fleur De Lie (live) (McArdle)
 4) Withered And Died (Richard Thompson)
 5) Tougher Than The Rest (Bruce Springsteen)
 6) Go Shopping (Bracy)
 7) Now Or Never Or Later (original demo) (Bracy)
 8) Packs Of Three (Arab Strap)
 9) Tax Me (Deppler)
 10) It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Bob Dylan)
 11) I Am Small (Deppler)
 12) Golden Boy (live) (McArdle)
 13) The Likely Nominee (Bracy)
 14) Mysterious In Black (live) (McArdle)
 15) Mike T. Interlude (traditional)
 16) Over The Hill (Ward Dotson)
 17) Angry Crafts (Eleanor Reed)
 18) Metro Pictures (alternate take) (Bracy)

Coming August 21, 2007

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