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"the lush chamber pop of XTC, the muted beauty of Elliott Smith, and drum loopy new wave of the Postal Service"

This is John Dufilho's first solo cd. Every instrument was played, recorded, mixed, and produced by The Deathray Davies singer/ songwriter. It is a remarkable collection of romantic pop songs, lush soundscapes, and good old fashioned Power Pop.

Self-titled, John Dufilho, incorporates the lush chamber pop of XTC, the muted beauty of Elliott Smith, and drum loopy new wave of the Postal Service into a dreamy headphones record that is still fun to listen to in the car. "I wanted to make a more personal record," Dufilho explains. "Something intimate like a bedroom 4 track demo but with the fidelity that comes with working in a real studio."

Dufilho succeeds in not only creating something distinct from his Deathray albums, but in crafting a hauntingly beautiful collection of songs that should elevate his songwriter status to the ranks of other modern pop standouts like Stephen Merritt and Jeff Tweedy.

In the past 5 years John Dufilho has released 5 cd's withThe Deathray Davies. This year’s The Kick And The Snare and previous efforts have earned the band rave reviews including write-ups in People, Esquire, Magnet, and airplay of their video on MTV2. When The DRD aren’t touring (the band has shared stages with The Breeders, The Posies, Superchunk) Dufilho writes and records for his acoustic project, I Love Math, who have produced 2 albums in Dufilho’s hometown of Dallas, TX.

A songwriter’s songwriter Dufilho also has a new recording in the works that will feature guest vocals by some of indie rock’s most revered tunesmiths. The CD (due late next year) features Dufilho’s songs sung by Robert Schneider (The Apples In Stereo), Ben Kweller, Will Johnson (Centro-Matic), Rhett Miller (Old 97's), John Davis (Superdrag) and others.

Prolific? YES. Does he sleep? We don't think so.... We do know that he is starting to be recognized as one of the best songwriters out there.

Praise for the songs of John Dufilho


"How in the hell Dufilho continues to come up with such consistently catchy melodies boggles the mind. musical genius? Definitely." - the tripwire

"Dufilho is a pop craftsman hiding in indie-rock garb." -Harp

"His penchant for odd wordplay, weird bits of distortion, fuzzy keyboard overtures, and pure pop melody all add up" - pop culture press

"The man's an underrated lyricist with a writerly ear" - Pop Matters

"It's amazing what kind of magic some people can make with only the most basic of ingredients" -mundane sounds

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