the deathray davies:



Members: John Dufilho, Jason Garner, Kevin Ingle, Mike Middleton, Chad Ferman, and Robert Anderson
current release:
"classic garage pop crossed with the modern fuzz of the Pixies and the Apples In Stereo."
Past Releases:

Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory (2003): As moody as the name implies, The Deathray Davies' fourth album explores the other side of summer, with help from a variety of strings and things. It's familiar and foreign, a new shoe that fits just as well as the old one. At times, it's less pop and more rock, lean and mean--like the group's previous three records after a stint in the joint. At others, it's as grand as the confines of a bedroom orchestra will allow. Either way, their best album yet--perfect imperfection. Forget referencing any garage heroes this time around: Think Pixies, The Cure, Wilco at their most focused, the Beach Boys at their sloppiest. If you think those aspirations are too lofty, wait until you hear. Then try to disagree. "

The Day of the Ray (2002): "The Day of the Ray is the rare type of record that reminds listeners that there's no reason rock 'n' roll can't kick a little ass and be a lot of fun at the same time, calling to mind the glory days of guitar-driven pop bands fronted by the likes of this group's namesake, or even Hüsker Dü." Mike Conklin, CMJ New Music Monthly

The Return of the Drunk Ventriloquist (2000): "One of the great shows I saw I didn't even get in. I was walking by Sixth Street and I heard about the Deathray Davies, and I love '60s-style garage rock. There was a line to get in, but because of the way the Drink is set up--with the band in the window and their backs to the street--I was tall enough to actually see without going in. And the door was open, so it sounded great. They were killer. I went to buy their record yesterday." David Fricke, Rolling Stone

Drink With the Grown-Ups and Listen to the Jazz (1999): "It's the catchiest piece of lo-fidelity rock this side of the new Sebadoh record, a pop-pop gem brimming with fuzzed-out guitars pogoing with tambourines and organ; like John Dufilho sings, 'I wouldn't change a thing.'" Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer


The Return of the Drunk Ventriloquist peaked at No. 78 on the CMJ charts. The Day of the Ray peaked at No. 37 on the CMJ charts.


John Dufilho and Jason Garner played together previously in bands such as Bedwetter and Thirteen. Former and current members of The Deathray Davies played with: Legendary Crystal Chandelier, Chomsky, The Tomorrowpeople, Crash Vinyl, [DARYL], Funland.


Toured with: The Old 97's, Superdrag, Arlo, Dressy Bessy, The Waxwings, Centro-matic. Played shows with: The The, Juliana Hatfield, Tahiti 80, Jimmy Eat World, Slobberbone, French Kicks, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pete Yorn, Superchunk, The Breeders, Death Cab for Cutie, Bare Jr.

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